Gateview goes to Datacenter World Austin


Attending Datacenter World in Austin was an exhilarating experience! Our team was immersed in the plethora of insightful speaker sessions that not only broadened our horizons but also provided a cutting-edge perspective on industry trends. Beyond the enriching knowledge exchange, our time at the event involved engaging in dinners and activities with both new and existing partners. These moments allowed us to delve deep into discussions, strategizing together on the most effective ways to overcome various industry challenges. It was a seamless blend of learning, networking, and collaboration, making the event truly exceptional.








Teaming up with Upsite Technologies to showcase the PowerLok PDU was an absolute delight! As we connected with customers during the event, a clear trend emerged – there’s a growing demand for higher-powered PDUs. The PowerLok PDU, with its advanced capabilities, truly stood out in addressing this need. However, engaging with our customers also unveiled a common pain point: the challenge of unreliable lead times. These insightful conversations became a catalyst for us to transparently showcase our manufacturing process and seamless customer experience.




In the captivating panel discussion titled “So you want that new CRAC next month? How about next year!” the spotlight shone on the supply chain crisis. The experts unraveled the crisis’s origins, offering a concise history lesson that set the stage. With precision, they painted a vivid picture of its current and future effects—highlighting delayed deliveries, component scarcity, and the ripple effects across industries. Solutions weren’t just discussed; they were the heart of the conversation. A clear consensus emerged: robust supplier relationships are the linchpin. Gateview’s success story echoed this sentiment. By forging agreements that ensure a seamless supply of essential components, Gateview has consistently outpaced the challenges posed by the supply chain crisis. It’s a dynamic strategy that not only navigates the current landscape but anticipates and thrives in the evolving future of supply chain dynamics.