Gateview Technologies 2020 Predictions: 2020 Will See the “Power” of Big Changes in Small Devices

Industry executive John Day, Founder and Chief Executive Officer shares his predictions for 2020.

2020 Will See the “Power” of Big Changes in Small Devices

Rack Power Distribution Units (rPDUs) are the last line of defense before the server is connected to power and anecdotal evidence suggests that they perform well. However, in 2019, there continued to be issues reported with the rPDU connections to the monitoring systems and one weak point is the internal connections for power. Potential for faults involve the labor-intensive process of using insulation displacement and fast-on connectors at the factory level and-a single missed connection often results in high failure rates.

2020 will be the year when rPDU manufacturers solve the problem of loose and malfunctioning connections that bring down server racks. 

PDU Manufacturers Address Big Picture

In 2020, the rPDU manufacturing process will need to evolve to keep up with industry demands for a more reliable product. Automated machine solder processes where most of the power connections in the rPDUs are connected and soldered with minimal human interface. This new, highly-efficient process is already adopted by companies such as Gateview Technologies and reduces the number of physical connections made by the factory associate during assembly. This process has been found to increase rPDU reliability by 100 times over the traditional wiring methods and the new year will only bring more advancements to boost reliability.

More Streamlined PDU Form Factors

Within data centers, the meticulous attention to space utilization has always been a constant, and throughout 2020 we will see this attention amplified when applied to server racks. Space conservation is just as important inside the server rack as outside of it.  More data center managers and IT personnel will depart from the bulky, industrial-style rPDUs and spec-in slimmer and more streamlined rPDUs that are easier to install while also offer more flexibility for rack-mounted device power connectivity.


In 2020, we will witness the evolution of workload processing, the growth of IoT, and the broadening of streaming services as 5G rolls out across the U.S. This growth will not require one of those “paramount shifts” in our technology overlay, but it will demand special attention to the devices that power these new services. If the power feed fails, services fail-it’s that simple. Given the responsibilities placed on power devices such as rPDUs to keep services flowing, it makes sense to infuse the rack with new rPDU capabilities and innovation that better conform to easy installation in small spaces. As the new year unfolds, additional attention will be given to PDUs and operational performance elevated to match the expectations of those who rely on the net result of a server rack’s output.

About the Author

John Day

John Day is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gateview Technologies. He has been in the electrical and mission-critical business for nearly forty years. While John’s focus is on sales, he has also participated in an entrepreneurial capacity over the last twenty-five years. His expertise has been to energize organizations in need of leadership for growth and product development. John built many successful sales teams across several companies. His experience culminated in explosive growth at PDI which resulted in the sale of the company in 2007. John maintained his status as a shareholder and sales leader after the acquisition, and he further developed PDI’s customer base as he initiated its expansion into international markets in Europe and Asia.

Prior to joining PDI, John spent eighteen years with Schneider Electric. During that time, he held a variety of positions including Director of Marketing for the North American division of Telemecanique, channel management positions, and a variety of sales management roles. John’s experience at Schneider spanned the industrial, automation, construction and data center markets.

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