New PowerLok® 8700-8800 Series PDUs Support 240/415VAC 3-Phase Power Distribution Needs

Wake Forest, NC – July 14, 2021Gateview Technologies, an industry-changing creator of advanced power distribution solutions for mission-critical applications, announces its support of 240/415VAC 3-Phase WYE rack configurations with its new PowerLok 8700-8800 Series Rack Power Distribution Units (rPDUs). These next-generation PDUs address the increasing adoption of 415VAC 3-phase power as data center operators seek to maximize efficiency while ensuring uptime for their mission-critical equipment. By increasing the voltage of power-distributed IT equipment, transformer losses are minimized. PowerLok uses 240/415VAC distribution which yields savings by eliminating the need for a voltage transformation at the distribution level.

The new PowerLok 8700-8800 Series PDUs include a range of 3-phase WYE units from 20A to 60A — up to 34kW with form factors ranging from 24” to 82” and cord lengths from 6’ to 15’ to address a wide variety of needs. The full range of PowerLok products feature a slim design that allows improved access to equipment in power-dense racks, industry-leading power density, and angled whip input cords that don’t interfere with equipment as they exit the rack. To simplify installation, Select Model PDUs incorporate Gateview’s innovative CordLok™ capability. This allows for single-hand insertion and removal of cords with a positive click when fully inserted. CordLok™ adds only .72 inches to each unit’s depth.

“As we saw more and more data centers moving to 415VAC distribution to improve efficiencies, we knew that the best way to help customers maximize their gains was to offer our PowerLok systems with 415V input,” explained Frank DeLattre, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Gateview Technologies. “Our new 8700-8800 Series models feature the same reliable design and advanced features that our users count on with the input voltage that their newer distribution configurations and IT equipment require.”

As with all of PowerLok’s models, reliability is built-in to the 8700-8800 Series products with rigorous engineering, stringent quality-control procedures, and advanced manufacturing processes. For example, robotically soldered connections between the line cord and each receptacle eliminate all manual connections. Independent analyses show that manually created connections generate heat and can be three times more likely to fail. Adding to their reliability, PowerLok units incorporate the most advanced monitoring capabilities available in the PDU market with full-function touchscreen displays that can be daisy-chained to minimize network port use. PowerLok PDUs are monitored with exceptional 0.5% precision and data outputs include detailed power levels by phase and in total, data for historical graphing, alarms for load levels and environmental conditions, and administrative settings. Factory programmed to be network silent, users’ management software can collect data into their existing software via SNMP or Web Server.

Made in the USA in an AS9100 aerospace standard facility and trusted by the world’s largest IT equipment and data center providers, PowerLok models are available now and can be purchased by contacting Gateview sales at 866-387-7896 or visiting Also visit us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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