POWERLOK You build it.


Rack PDUs

Custom in 10 days.

3X greater reliability
by design.

Auto-machine soldered
in the USA.

About PowerLOK

The PowerLOK rack PDU is a next generation offering for the power distribution market offering greater reliability and features not found on other rack PDUs. PowerLOK’s factory automation and stringent quality-control protocols ensure our customers the best product available. Our rack PDUs are manufactured in the USA, and PowerLOK’s advanced features offer greater value than legacy brands. At PowerLOK, we’re building a better rack PDU from the inside out.

“With automated soldering from line input to each receptacle, PowerLOK® eliminates all mechanical connections, making it 3X less likely to fail than rack PDUs with mechanical terminations.”
Independently evaluated by mtechnology.
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Advanced Testing & Quality

Safety and reliability are top priorities for PowerLOK rack PDUs, and that’s why we subject our products to accelerated life testing, including voltage cycling, high and low temperature exposure, and resistance to vibration. PowerLOK’s quality assurance procedures also include sourcing, manufacturing, testing, and commissioning, and each of these ensures a more reliable rack PDU. PowerLOK’s state the art design and rugged construction guarantees the greatest quality available, and we back it with a 3 year warranty.

Advantages You Don’t Find on Other PDUs

  • Build your own rack PDUs that ship in 10 days.
  • Choose from one of four colors at no additional cost.
  • C13/C19 locking with the greatest receptacle density.
  • 0.5% accuracy and a buttonless touch-screen display.
CordLOK® universal C13/C19 locking at $1 per receptacle
Embedded web server simplifies graphing

Advanced Monitoring

PowerLOK has a more advanced and reliable total monitoring solution. A fully functional and highly visible touchscreen display eliminates failure prone push-buttons. PowerLOK PDUs can be daisy chained to reduce network port use.

Engineered for Reliability

Typical rack PDUs have over 70 high power terminations.  PowerLOK’s internal connections are fully machine soldered from the line entry cord to each receptacle eliminating less reliable connection methods such as push-ons, insulation displacement, and hand-soldered terminations. PowerLOK’s automated soldering process lowers cost and eliminates human error.
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