Power Density

52 kW in a VerticalStack PDU footprint
60A lowest profile for power-dense racks
3X Greater reliability by design Robotically soldered in the USA
AS9100 certified manufacturing
3X Less likely to experience power connection
failure. Steve Fairfax, mtechnologies.
Advanced PDU technology
Industry leading power density
0.5% monitoring accuracy
Robotically soldered in the USA
1400+ Select Models available with Fast Response
Some Select Models ship in 1-2 weeks
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About PowerLOK

A next generation rack PDU, PowerLOK has greater reliability and power-dense features not found on other rack PDUs. PowerLOK’s factory automation and stringent quality-control ensure our customers the best product available.

Our rack PDUs are manufactured in the USA, and PowerLOK’s advanced features offer greater value than legacy brands. We’re building a better rack PDU from the inside out.

With robotic soldering, PowerLOK is 3X more reliable than PDUs with mechanical terminations.

Where to Buy?

Independently evaluated by Steve Fairfax’s

Advanced Testing & Quality

PowerLok’s patented design and construction makes it possible to offer an industry leading 7-year Warranty.

Evaluated to be 3X less likely to experience power
connection failure. Steve Fairfax, technology.

Evaluated to be 3X less likely to experience power
connection failure. Steve Fairfax, technology.

Advanced Testing & Quality

Safety and reliability are top priorities for PowerLOK rack PDUs, and that’s why we subject our products to rigorous life testing including; voltage cycling, high and low temperature exposure, and resistance to vibration.

PowerLOK’s quality assurance meets many standards including ISO and AS9100 necessary for space, aviation and defense.

We back our products with a 3 year warranty.

Advantages You Don’t Find on Other PDUs

Slim Profile to 80A.
Only 2.2″ x 2″

Reliable Cord Locking.
Using standards cords

Robotically Soldered.
LIne input to every outlet
0.5% Monitoring Accuracy
And a buttonless touch-screen

Scalable Switching.
Add switching cords when needed

Choose Colors.
At no additional cost

Industry Leading.
7-year warranty

Fast-Response PDUs
Built-to-order in 3-5 Days

Advantages You Don’t Find on Other PDUs

60A 3 Phase very low-profile design.

Cord locking using your cords and with no loss in receptacle count.

Choose colors at no additional cost.

0.5% accuracy and a buttonless touch-screen display

Watch our one minute video…

Advanced Monitoring

PowerLOK has 0.5% accuracy and a more reliable monitoring solution. The highly visible touchscreen display eliminates failure prone push-buttons.

PowerLOK is programmed at the factory to be network silent in your facility – allowing your management software to collect PowerLOK’s precision power data when you need it.

Engineered for Reliability

A typical rack PDU internally has over 70 high power terminations. PowerLOK’s internal connections are robotically soldered from the line entry cord to each receptacle eliminating less reliable connection methods such as push-ons, insulation displacement, and hand-soldered terminations.

PowerLOK’s automated soldering process lowers production cost and eliminates human error.