A Better PDU from the Inside Out

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Evaluated to be 3X less likely to experience power connection failure. Steve Fairfax, mtechnology

Evaluated to be 3X less likely to experience power connection failure. Steve Fairfax, mtechnology

Industry Leading Power Density
52 kW with VerticalStack PDUs. 60A Low-profile, high receptacle count and cord locking
Industry Leading Reliability
3X greater reliability by design. Robotically soldered in the USA.

Improved access to equipment
in power-dense racks

More room to access your racked equipment with our industry leading power density & angled whip input. Measuring only 2.18” wide x 2.0” deep for PDUs up to 60A 3PH. PowerLOK PDUs are agile and lead the industry in receptacle density

Know your PDU internal temperature in high heat racks

Rack PDU internal temperature monitoring communicates via SNMP, or browse to the PDU’s web server where alarm set-points can be updated for your requirements.

Secure your power cords

CordLOKTM works with your server cords, does not require you
to sacrifice high receptacle density, and allows single hand
insertion and removal of cords. CordLOKTM clicks when cord is
fully inserted.

To remove, simply roll the wheel while pulling on
the cord.

Increase monitoring accuracy with 0.5% precision

PowerLOK has a more advanced and reliable total monitoring solution not found on other rack PDUs. A fully functional and highly visible touchscreen display eliminates failure prone push-buttons. PowerLOK PDUs can be daisy chained to reduce network port use. Alarms on the main unit display and in the web based software appear in red when alarms are present.

PowerLOK is programmed at the factory to be network silent in your facility - allowing your management software to collect PowerLOK’s precision power data when you need it.

Where to Buy?

Visualize power
with historical graphing

Monitoring Accuracy:
Voltage +/- 0.5% at nominal Current within 0.5% from 1A to 30A. +/1% from 500mA to 30A.

Aggregate (kWh, W, VA) plus Phase
A, B, C Line Currents, plus Group: 1, 2, 3 Monitoring (kWh, W, VA, PF, V, A).

Network Applications
HTTP/HTTPS, SNMP-V1/V2c/V3 Network Management, SMTP Email. DHCP for dynamic IP address request from a server, DNS to resolve host names for email, NTP, and SNMP servers.

Network Interface & Transport/Internet
Ethernet RJ-45 & TCP/IP v4, v6, RSTP Ethernet daisy chain capability.

Triple your power in a single 72” footprint with Vertical Stack PDUs

Achieve up to 52kW

24”, 36”, 41” and 46” length stackable PDUs

Key-slot buttons on 12.25” spacing for easy rack mounting

Optional joining bracket available allowing you to place as one PDU

Secured power with cord locking in power-dense applications.

Improved access to equipment in power-dense racks with low-profile & angled input whip.

Achieve 52 kW and cord locking in a low-profile chassis.

Stack Options:

More PDUs per pallet and
easier to deploy

Four Rack PDUs in a small 22” x 5” package.

96 PDUs per pallet at 65” stack height.

Quickly remove a unit from multi-pack and deploy.

Two-pack and single-pack also available.

Reduced shipping costs & packaging waste